Questions and answers

Q: Where do I report if my newspaper didn’t arrive?

A: You can report a missing paper or incorrectly delivered letters and magazines either by filling out the feedback form or by calling customer service.

Ostrobothnian areas tel. 0800 30101 (open mon-fri 7–11, sat-sun 7–9:30) or Kainuu areas tel. 0800 95505 (open mon-sat 7–11).

Delivery support is open on midweek holidays, when the paper is carried.

Q: How do I temporarily suspend delivery?

A: You can notify us of a delivery suspension using the Contact us-form, where you fill in your personal information, address, zip code and post office, as well as the duration of the suspension. Remember to also indicate which product the suspension applies to, e.g. Keskipohjanmaa or addressed products (letters, periodicals, packages)

Q: How do I change my delivery address?

A: You can notify us of a change of address using the Contact us-form, where you fill in your personal information, address, zip code and post office. We will notify the department from which the letters are directed to us. However, you must make an official change of address to Posti in addition to this.

Q: When should the newspaper be in the mailbox?

A: The magazines and newspapers are delivered according to the service promise.

Q: Where can I send delivery feedback?

A: You can send feedback regarding the delivery with our Feedback-form

Q: What do I do if I receive a letter or a newspaper addressed to another person?

A: You can return a letter intended for another person to the agent post office / Posti’s letter box or to the Hilla Group office at Rantakatu 10, 67100 Kokkola

Q: What do I do if the letter or newspaper delivered to me is damaged?

A: Contact us via the Feedback-form and tell us what happened and which product is in question.

Q: How quickly does an address change or delivery suspension made to an order take effect?

A: The fastest way is to notify the new address directly to the sender. A change of address or delivery suspension notified to us will take effect after 4 business days.

Q: Can’t find your answer?

A: No worries, send us a message using the Contact us-form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.